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Ethylene Urea (2-Imidazolidinone)

• The most important use of Ethylene Urea is in the preparation of Dimethylol Ethylene Urea (DMEU) which is a textile finishing agent giving excellent dimensional stability and crease resistance to cotton blends. It is also used as a formaldehyde scavenger in systems with excess free formaldehyde.

• DMEU is easily manufactured by reaction of Ethylene Urea with formaldehyde to give low free formaldehyde resins. DMEU is also used as a catalyst in the stabilisation of the copolymers of trioxane,in dispersion coating, in adhesive formulation.

• Ethylene Urea is also used in corrosion inhibitors, in rice starch as viscosity modifier and as a formaldehyde scavenger and for non formaldehyde resins for textile finishes.