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Drilling and Stimulation Chemicals

Acid Corrosion Inhibitors

Our Acid corrosion inhibitor(ACI) is an organic high molecular weight amine derivative formulated to protect N-80 steel line. Such corrosive duties are encountered while acid fracturing of Limestone base is done.

Our ACI is used when acid attack such as Hydrochloric acid alone or mixed with Hydrofluoric acid is of extreme severity with strength of 15% or 20% at temp.120°C,150°C, 175°C and high pressure

Bactericides / Biocides

• Down hole colonization of the reservoir has a number of negative impacts. Slime-forming sessile bacteria can block pore throats and reduce the injectivity of water injection wells. Most damaging, however, is contamination with sulfate reducingbacteria (SRB) such as desulfovibrio. These bacteria metabolize the sulfate from surface injection waters into hydrogen sulfide gas. This acid gas level builds over time and causes enhanced corrosion, increased production costs (due to necessary H2S scavenging) and health and safety concerns. These bacteria are extremeophiles and are able to survive in the high salinity, high-pressure, elevated temperatures and moderate pH levels typical of many reservoirs. Once bacterial colonies are established, it is practically impossible to disinfect a reservoir. The only true method to control the down hole environment is to ensure adequate biocide use top side.

• Due to the toxicity of many biocides to both the environment and to those handling the products, regulatory restrictions on biocides and their use have become more stringent in recent years.The biocides offered by Navdeep are non-oxidizing surface-active organic types. They disrupt the typical function of the cell by their adsorption onto cell walls. Our biocides are less corrosive to production pipe work.

• Our biocides are Aldehyde type, Amine type and non aldehyde - non amine type particularly based on Bronopol, Isothiazoline, Quaternary ammonium compounds, Gluteraldehyde and Carbamates.

• Selecting the right biocide depends upon the target organisms to be treated, the regulatory approvals applicable and the type of treatment regime proposed. Many of the biocide chemistries mentioned become inactive once they reach the surface environment and are readily biodegraded to benign metabolic products.

Anti Sludge Agent

Anti-sludge agents act as colloid stabilisers and were developed to prevent coagulation of unstable colloidal material present in some crude oils.

Acid Emulsifiers

Acid Emulsifier is an excellent surfactant to emulsify the acids ( Typically 15 wt% Hydrochloric Acid) and light hydrocarbon phase ( crude oil or diesel ). Injection of the acid in this form (acid –in- diesel emulsion ) will minimize acid-rock contact, which will result in the formation of deep worm holes. Emulsifying the acid will increase its viscosity and improve acid distribution in reservoirs. The foam will flow into the high permeability zones, causing the acid to flow into the light zones.

The acid-in-diesel emulsion consists of diesel (continuous phase) Hydrochloric acid (dispersed phase ) and an emulsifier diesel act as a diffusion barrier between the acid and the rock, slowing the reaction rate of the acid with carbonate rock. This gives the acid the ability to penetrate deeper into the formation by creating wormholes and enhancing well productivity On high speed stirring, a uniform emulsion stable for 40 mins at 1200C.