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CIT-MIT 1.4 % and combinations

• These combinations are for control of a wide range of microbial species, including aerobic bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, algae, yeast and fungi. Control of microbiological populations in industrial water systems is essential to prevent biofouling. In cooling systems, biofouling of heat exchange equipment and tower fill reduces heat transfer efficiency and can force unscheduled shutdowns and extended turnarounds leading to lost production. Biofouling can also damage equipment through microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). As a result of these effects, biofouling must be prevents in order for operating units to achieve profitability goals.

• Product is consist of mixtures of different Isothiazolones. Compared to single-active, the combination of actives ingredients gives better microbial control at lower dosages. This blend of actives also limits the development of resistant microbial populations and eliminates the need to alternate products to maintain microbiological control.