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Xylene Sulphonic Acid
Xylene Sulfonic Acid

Sulphonic Acids Supplier Molecular formula    :: C8H10O3S
Molecular weight      :: 186.23
CAS NO:: 25321-41-9

Application :
  • Used as a foundry hardener.
  • Used as esterification, thermoset resins for paints and coatings, pharmaceutical and phenolic foam and etc.

Phenol Sulphonic Acid

Molecular formula    :: C6H6O4S
Xylene Sulfonic AcidMolecular weight      :: 174.17
CAS NO:: 1333-39-7, 98-67-9

Application :

  • Used in electroplating bath for tin-plating application.
  • As catalyst in the production of phenolic floral foam and in textile and in carpeting application.

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